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Out of My Comfort Zone

How many of us intentionally go out of your comfort zone? This past week put me to the test. What started out as leading some training to a small group of cross-cultural workers ended up as a possibility that 500 would attend my talks. Yikes!! Speaking is public puts me definitely out of comfort zone. Added to that was an invitation to participate in a podcast with me and the president of that same organization. Thrown into the week was a crisis debriefing. What was the result of this past week... a LOT of fun!! I met some amazing people - some serve internationally and some based at their home office. Passionate, deep, hungry for info, engaged and talented - those are just a few of the words I use to describe the people I met last week. MAPS Global - it was so fun to work with you and meet many of your overseas staff.

I believe that doing things out of your comfort zone build faith, passion, and doing your due diligence depending on what it is. Nerves typically dominate my life when I know I'm heading into something that takes me out of my comfort zone. But I had already said 'yes' and wanted to ensure that I would give my best to whatever was asked of me. I had a group of amazing friends who were praying for me for more than a month before I stepped in as one of the speakers for MAPS Global's AG2023 (All team Gathering). I think what calmed my nerves and made it fun was the staff that attended my workshops. They were engaged; willing to volunteer when I needed it; had great questions, and showed genuine appreciation for what they were learning.

As much a I would love to do things where I am most comfortable, I'm praying that I will say yes to things to bring clarity and help to those serving cross-culturally. It's why I do what I do, so what do I say to things yet to come my way? Bring it on! And I encourage each of you reading this to be open to the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone - you may just discover that it can be FUN!

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