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Personal Debriefing

Debriefing is a process and is designed around your story, and the time you are able to give at any one given time. While negotiable, here is what I can offer you:

-4 to 5 days of debriefing depending on how long you've been in the field, how many in the debriefing, and how much time you can devote to the process

-we will cover topics such as laying out your story, what's happened in your journey, the impact it is had on you, your family, those you've left behind

-we will look at loss and grief and how it relates to transition, decisions made by you or your organization, your support network

-we will discover how transition has impacted your journey

-we will discuss challenging relationships and how conflict impacts our behaviors and how we treat those around us

-we will take time to discover what scripture has to say about all of the above and give you an opportunity to ask 'what is God saying to me in the process'.

Personal Debriefing
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