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Experiencing Loss

We have all experienced loss ... some visible to others, and some that we keep buried deep inside. Loss is a part of life; how we deal with experiencing loss determines and shapes the lens of how we view life, itself. Years ago, my family experienced the loss of losing a family member in a tragic way. It impacted individual family members in a variety of ways, and does to this day. The loss, itself, doesn't define me, but has allowed me, personally, to have a deeper empathy for those who've also experienced loss. The saying 'time heals all wounds' doesn't ring true to me, but instead I've experienced that 'loss has given me a different perspective on life'. Through this loss, I've come to realize that grief and love go hand in hand. They are like a pair of gloves - the deeper the love, the deeper the grief. I've also come to the conclusion that grief is a way to honor our loss. If we didn't love, we wouldn't grieve. Grief is a reflection of the love we hold in our hearts; it's a way to honor that which we've loved. It's one of those things I wouldn't wish upon anyone, but I also realize that it can also be a strength builder in my life. What loss have you experienced that has changed your life forever? Hopefully, through loss, you've discovered 'beauty for ashes'... I know I have.

lost in fog, view of misty mountains and water


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