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Are you a cross-culture worker looking for a safe place to process?

Often in our world of cross-cultural living, we hear the word 'debriefing' thrown around a lot. And interestingly, the vast majority of people who contact me to schedule a debriefing don't really know what it is. They've just been told by other workers or someone in their organization that they need to go through a debriefing. There are several kinds of debriefing, but the type of debriefing I do is what is known as Personal Debriefing. This is a time to stop, reflect on your own story, and to discover where God has been in your story and what He has not only said to you, but how is He directing you in your present and future. Or perhaps you, as a cross-cultural worker, feel like you are no longer hearing God's voice. I provide a safe place that holds your story with integrity, no judgment, and many opportunities to expose the 'newsletter that gets written'. You are given space to reflect and reconnect to your first love. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, click on the Services link for more information. I debrief both singles and couples (no families at this time but I can give you referrals). I look forward to hearing from you.

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